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  • Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas

  • Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas

  • Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas

Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas

CAS NO 7664-41-7
UN NO 1005
EINECS NO 231-635-3
Molecular weight 17.04
Appearance Colorless, Strong pungent odor
Melting point -77.7 ℃
Boiling point -33.5 ℃
Density 0.73 kg/m³
DOT Class 2.3 & 8
Label Flammable Gas, Corrosives

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor and is corrosive. Ammonia is an important chemical raw material. In order to facilitate transportation and storage, liquid ammonia is usually obtained by pressurizing or cooling gaseous ammonia.

Application and Benifit of Ammonia Gas

Ammonia gas, a versatile chemical compound, plays a crucial role in various industrial applications, including refrigeration, fertilizer production (such as urea), semiconductor manufacturing, and the metallurgical industry. Its diverse uses bring about numerous benefits in each context:


Role: Ammonia gas serves as an efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant in industrial refrigeration systems.

Benefits: It has excellent thermodynamic properties, providing effective cooling while minimizing environmental impact compared to some traditional refrigerants with higher global warming potential.

Fertilizer Production (Urea):

Role: Ammonia gas is a key component in the synthesis of urea, a widely used nitrogen fertilizer.

Benefits: Urea production from ammonia enables the efficient and controlled release of nitrogen to enhance crop yield and promote plant growth, contributing to agricultural productivity.

Semiconductor Manufacturing:

Role: Ammonia gas is employed in the production of high-purity nitrogen and as a cleaning agent in semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Benefits: Its high reactivity and purity make ammonia suitable for critical applications in semiconductor fabrication, ensuring the quality and reliability of electronic components.

Metallurgical Industry:

Role: Ammonia finds application in the metallurgical industry for processes such as nitriding and heat treatment of metals.

Benefits: Ammonia gas's ability to provide a controlled atmosphere in metallurgical processes enhances the hardness and durability of metal products, contributing to improved material properties.

In summary, ammonia's diverse applications underscore its significance in various industrial sectors. From facilitating efficient refrigeration to being a cornerstone in fertilizer production, semiconductor manufacturing, and metallurgical processes, ammonia plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability, productivity, and technological advancement across multiple industries. If you want to buy ammonia gas, please contact us and Taiyu will provide you with the most suitable price.

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Refrigerant gas

Refrigerant gas

Production of nitric acid, urea and other chemical fertilizers

Production of nitric acid, urea and other chemical fertilizers

Widely used in semiconductor industry, metallurgical industry

Widely used in semiconductor industry, metallurgical industry

99.8% NH3, Industrial Grade

Residue≤ 0.2%

99.999% NH3, Electronic Grade

Specification 99.999%
Oxygen≤ 2 ppm
Nitrogen≤ 5 ppm
Methane≤ 1 ppm
Carbon Monoxide≤ 1 ppm
Moisture≤ 5 ppm

*Other Grades and Purity Available on Asking

Package Information

Cylinder SpecificationsContents
Cylinder CapacityValveWeight
47LDISS 72020 kgs
100LQF-1050 kgs
800LQF-10400 kgs
930LDISS 720480 kgs

*Other Packages Available on Asking

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Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas
Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas
Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas
Ammonia, NH3 Industrial Gas


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