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How to protect mixture gases?

People pay more and more attention on the safety of mixture gases. Take Acetylene as example.

Acetylene mixed with air or oxygen in a confined space will explode when ignited. Acetylene decomposes explosively if piped at pressures above 15 psig and exposed to mechanical shock or ignition source. Acetylene forms explosive compounds with copper, silver and mercury. Use steel pipe and fittings and pressure gauges with steel or stainless steel bourdon tubes. Copper alloys if used must contain less than 65 percent copper. Acetylene has a very wide flammability range in air of 2.5 percent to 81 percent by volume. Also very low energy sparks such as static electricity can cause ignition and explosion.

steel cylinder

Store acetylene cylinder outdoors or in well-ventilated areas away from hot surfaces or flammable materials and ignition sources such as flames or any equipment that can generate a spark. Steel cylinders must be stored in an upright position. Acetylene cylinders should not be dropped or handled in such a manner as to damage the filter. Use only cylinders and equipment especially designated for acetylene. Never attempt to put acetylene in any other container, equipment or pipeline at pressures above 15 psig. This can be done only at filling plants with proper manifolds, flash arrestors and cylinders with acetone solvent. Make certain all hardware is steel or brass with copper content below 65 percent. Also no silver or mercury can be present where acetylene can react with it.