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8 precautions of specialty gases

You are familiar with specialty gases, while I also want to tell you 8 precautions of them.

Gas Cylinders

1. You should understand its hazardous characteristics and protective measures, before using the gases.

2. Cylinder use and inspection should be in accordance with the State Quality and Technical Supervision "cylinder safety supervision rules" requirement.

3. Cylinders shall be away from the fire source, shall not be exposed to sunlight, and the flame distance should generally not be less than 10 meters.

4. Cylinders should not be contaminated with oil.

5. Gas cylinders can not exhaust all the gas, which should be left at least 0.04MPa residual pressure.

6. Cylinder inflation pressure shall not exceed the specified pressure.

7. Helmet to be fitted with a protective valve.

8. Cylinders shall be inspected every three years (except in special cases) for appearance inspection and hydraulic pressure test. Only after passing the test, the cylinders shall be used and the inspection shall be carried out in the inflatable unit.