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Which are toxic gases among common industrial gases?

Industrial gases are generally accessible during our life, and some of them are toxic gases. Do you know? If we can not do a good job of protection during the production, use, storage and transportation process, there will be harm to the human body, resulting in major accidents.

Industrial Gases

The following list of common industrial gases in the toxic gas characteristics and hazards, to increase our safety awareness, which to prevent its harm to humans and poisoning accidents.

1. Stimulant gases - toxic gases commonly encountered in the chemical industry. There are many types of irritant gas that irritate the eyes and the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract.

2. Asphyxial gas - toxic gas that can cause hypoxia in the body. Asphyxia gas can be divided into simple asphyxiating gas, blood asphyxiating gas and cell asphyxiating gas.

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