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How to protect against Hydrogen Sulfide?

Hydrogen Sulfide is used to manufacture sulfur and it is used in labs for qualitative analysis of metal ions. While H2S gas is a danger gas, do you know how to against it?

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1. Engineering Controls

There are several ways you can protect against exposure to hydrogen sulfide. One is by using engineering controls such as ventilation systems that remove gas from work spaces. Since hydrogen sulfide is highly flammable, the ventilation system must be explosive-proof.

2. Administrative Controls

Another safety measure is to employ administrative controls. Administrative controls can come in the form of company rules for entering, exiting and working in spaces where hydrogen sulfide gas is present. Safety training and gas level testing are also effective administration controls.

3. Personal Protective Equipment

A third way to prevent health problems caused by hydrogen sulfide exposure is to use personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE for hydrogen sulfide includes full-face air purifying respirators (APR) for gas amounts up to 100 ppm, and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) or supplied air lines for gas amounts reaching 100 ppm or higher. If direct skin contact with hydrogen sulfide is possible, workers must wear protective gloves and clothing made from material that cannot be permeated or degraded by the substance.

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