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What is nitric oxide?

We are specialty gases manufacturer, here we introduce one of specialty gases - NO.

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Nitric oxide is made from an amino acid called L-arginine. You often see it abbreviated by its chemical name, NO. Prescription drugs for a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular problems and impotence, use nitric oxide as their active ingredient.

Since nitric oxide is a gas, supplements that list nitric oxide as an ingredient actually contain L-arginine, an amino acid which produces nitric oxide. There are other substances which increase or sustain nitric oxide production in your body, such as cacao and ginseng.

Many bodily functions are assisted by nitric oxide. It helps your immune system to protect you from diseases. Nitric oxide also works as an anti-inflammatory agent, which is useful in controlling ailments such as arthritis.

Nitric oxide has also been shown to alleviate blood pressure issues due to its ability to dilate blood vessels. For example, people prone to heart attacks are helped by nitroglycerin, which works by distributing nitric oxide throughout their body to loosen vessels that are constricted. This gets lifesaving blood and oxygen to the heart and muscles.

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