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The application of Nitrogen trifluoride gas(2)

Industrial applications of NF3 is routinely break it while in the past previously used regulated compounds such as SF6 and PFCs were often released.

High-volume applications such as dram computer memory , the manufacturing of flat panel displays and the large-scale production of thin-film solar cells with insufficient ecological awareness continues to increase the emissions of NF3.

Skin contact with NF3 is not hazardous, and it is minor irritant to mucous membranes and eyes.

It is a irritant with a toxicity comparable with nitrogen oxides, and overexposure by inhalation causes the conversion of hemoglobin in blood to methemo globin, which can lead to the condition methemoglobinemia.

Nitrogen trifluoride is brought to the attention of the CSWG because of increasing demand for this chemical in semiconductor industry, this projected to reach 3.2 million pounds.

Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) and fluorine (F2) product lines within the Electronics Division with annual sales of over $100 million and multiple hundred millions are invested.

Nitrogen Trifluoride Gas

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