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How Industrial Gas is used in Manufacturing Innovation

Industrial gas is a gaseous material manufactured for industrial use. The main gases provided are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene, although there are many other gases and mixtures in the cylinder.

How Industrial Gas is used in Manufacturing Innovation


They are an important part of manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries, including:

● Automobile industry.

● Food processing.

● Manufacturing industry.

● Perovskite semiconductor.

● Steel manufacturing and metal manufacturing.


Automobile industry.

In recent decades, the use of HiQ special gases in the automotive industry has increased rapidly. Car headlamps contain xenon; indicators contain argon and nitrogen. The sheet metal used for the door and body is cut by laser using a special gas mixture.

Automotive air conditioning heat exchangers are usually assembled using a brazing process in a controlled nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere. This reduction atmosphere allows the brazed joint to achieve the highest level of leak-free strength.

Airbag is a key part of today's vehicle built-in active safety system. The combination of high pressure argon and other rare gases provides suitable characteristics for ultra-high speed inflatable bags.


Food processing.

The global industrial gas market is benefiting from growing consumer demand for food freshness. Health-conscious consumers demand fewer additives and safer, fresher foods, increasing the demand for industrial gases that can be used as substitutes for chemicals.

Modified atmosphere packaging or MAP is a natural way to prolong the shelf life of food, which is developing rapidly in the world. It usually complements other technologies, such as high pressure and microwave methods or oxygen absorption. The right gas mixture in MAP maintains high quality by retaining the original taste, texture, and appearance of the food.

The gas atmosphere must be selected with due regard to specific foods and their characteristics. For low-fat products with high water content, especially through the use of carbon dioxide to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. On the other hand, if the product has high fat content and low water activity, oxidation protection is the most important, and inert nitrogen will be the first choice.


Manufacturing industry.

HiQ special gas is an important component of the lighting industry, which is used to make light bulbs containing argon, nitrogen, neon, krypton and xenon.

They also fill the gap between double-glazed windows to ensure that our modern buildings are well insulated and energy-efficient. They are the basis of many manufacturing processes, such as heat treatment of metals using a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen to produce hardness and other physical properties.

A variety of HiQ high-purity gases can also be used to control the quality of metals, plastics and other purchased raw materials, such as in ICP analysis. A range of HiQ high-purity gases and gas mixtures can also be used for safety testing of finished products and toys, including flammability or flammability tests.



Gas materials are mainly used in the manufacture and molding of semiconductors. In fact, gas has always been a key driving force in semiconductor manufacturing, although the types of gases used are constantly changing and growing with the development of manufacturing processes.

Gases have the ability to produce chemical reactions at the molecular level, helping to shape the conductive properties of semiconductors to allow or prevent the movement of electrons. However, in order to ensure that semiconductors can correctly regulate the motion of electrons, these gases must be accurately and accurately distributed at every stage of their engineering process to stimulate the correct reaction.


Steel manufacturing and metal manufacturing.

Industrial gases play a key role in the production of primary and metal products, including steel manufacturing and metal manufacturing. Steel is essential for almost all industrial sectors, including automobiles, construction and national defense.

Oxygen plays a very important role in the steel manufacturing process: it is the main raw material for steelmaking. In fact, oxygen is crucial in the two main steelmaking technologies in the United States: the basic oxygen process and the electric arc furnace.

In addition, argon is used with oxygen in the common technology of refining stainless steel. Industrial gases also have important applications in metal manufacturing. For example, acetylene is used in welding and metal cutting, and argon is used as a shielding gas for arc welding of non-ferrous and special metals. Nitrogen is used for heat treatment and metal processing of metal plates, bars, wires and castings.



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