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SPECIALTY GAS - Taiyu is proud to offer the best lead time

A variety of process, service, and manufacturing applications utilize specialty gases.

Some examples of industries include: medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing plants, environmental laboratories, food services, and more. In order to ensure quality and purity, specialty gases are subject to numerous purity tests and are held to strict exact mixture specifications. Taiyu ensures the quality and purity of our products by manufacturing many of our specialty gases in-house in our controlled facilities. Along with our specialty gases that mix and fill in-house, we also carry a wide variety of specialty equipment and rare gases.

We have partnered with world-renowned medical gas companies to deliver the best in quality and service.  Our state of the art facilities follow the same guidelines and procedures as global companies and use the same equipment to deliver the same quality you would expect from a worldwide manufacturer, while providing the personalized attention and service that the large companies can’t provide.

We offer fast, nationwide delivery of specialty gases and pure gases from our facilities — for all types of applications. Some examples include:

● Air Quality Monitoring

● Biological Growth Monitoring

● Confined Space Monitoring

● Leak Detection / Testing

● Process Controls

● Solvent & VOC Monitoring

● Stack Emission Monitoring

● Glass Insulation

● Work Place Monitoring

● Semiconductor Processes


In some applications, pure gas is not what the process calls for. For that reason, our experienced team of chemists and engineers are hard at work preparing and certifying our line of specialty gas mixtures.  Our professionals work to develop purification techniques that remove critical impurities in our blends making them as stable and effective as possible.

SPECIALTY GAS - Taiyu is proud to offer the best lead time

Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S Specialty Gas



Taiyu offers a wide selection of pure specialty gases to our growing number of customers. The gases we provide come in a full range of purities that spans from research grade to chemical pure (CP) grade. No matter what level of purity you require, we will supply it to you at an affordable rate.


Specialty Mixes

If you need a custom gas blend, Taiyu offers a complete line of specialty gas mixtures that can be blended to exact customer specifications. They are manufactured and tested to the highest precise gas concentration and are traceable to the guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We can also help you stay within the environmental compliance standards of your industry by providing high quality mixes such as EPA Protocols, BTU, Sulfur, Hydrocarbon and Piston Standards. Though there is a seemingly endless number of specialty gases and blends offered by Taiyu, here is a list of the most popular options that we provide:

● Carbon Monoxide

● Ethylene

● Halocarbons

● High Purity Argon

● High Purity Helium

● High Purity Nitrogen

● Hydrocarbon Blends

● Hydrogen Chloride

● Krypton

● Liquid Helium

● Neon

● Sulfur Hexafluoride

● Sulfur Mixes

● Xenon


SPECIALTY GAS - Taiyu is proud to offer the best lead time